Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Things have changed since
Van Limburgstirumplein last saw us
Cycling around her
I sit to sip overpriced coffee
Hoping I can still see
Your cheeks puff
Up front on a giant homemade bike
Me with my
Over stuffed rucksack
Dangling from the back
Two foreign girls
Escaping our governments
Looking for life lasting love
And finding it
In each other’s
Secret world faces
Ellyott, my lover is
Several inches shorter than even me
But three times as strong
Astute jockey always pushing through
What else can a dyke woman do?
Over tram tracks
Careful never to get stuck
The number ten
To Javaplein
Which too has been
Reclaimed from the squatters
Renovated and rebranded
Reblended into Amsterdam green
These days’ dykes are not so strange
Everybody is somewhere
On the queer spectrum range
Integration is the new normal
As everyone assimilates our fists
And to be fair our old enemy capitalism
Never needed homophobia as an excuse
To kick anyone where it hurts most
We, like the Moroccans have been priced out
Way beyond the railway tracks
Unless we have money
When we are welcome
To spend in the sunset lit square
Nice bikes sitting upright tidy in their racks
Adorn the advertising pumping station
As if it has always been
Like this there
Not filled with junkies their gums burned bare
The Kemperstraat stands far too quiet
Without her graffiti minded sluts
Near the Avondwinkel in
Need of more than
A lick of paint
The number of bridges getting smaller
As the city council carts
All homeless looking damaged bikes away
The cries of freedom from restraint
Have all grown faint
But the pigeons circle
The square indifferently
Just the same

Sunday, February 19, 2017


The white rose
you gave me
the day I left you
in our gypsy wagon
is rusting at the petal tips.
Cells of mortal memories
Are always called to this.
You wanted our developing
To end when I pushed
You away
And now you want me
To return
Because I’ve got your back
But plucked it was
By your fair hand and
I’m not sure I understand
How our soft start
Accelerated already to this?

Friday, February 17, 2017

When Walking Over Muddy Fields

Start slow,
Keep your eyes on the baby steps low
Do not look too far ahead
instead, plod on
Know you will get there
Find stones and tree roots to press
your careful feet into
Follow the dogs for high ground, not pigs
they look for hollows to wallow in
Scan the sides for elevations
however small
And don’t take the bramble’s jokes
personally at all
When climbing up a muddy bank
follow the footprints you know
Steady as you
ninja go.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017


These fabrics…our society...maybe cloaks…friends…enveloping…soft fond fringes… rich brocade ties…binding fast…snug between breasts…for when we tear…mindless into awful chill…bitter souls…deserted…if we cleave to one another…clutch and cling right tight…then perhaps…be scooped up…swaddled babes in fine yarns and balmy fragrance…braced…dandled…clothed decently together…for a secure landing.

Saturday, November 26, 2016


To those of you who claim
We humans are harmful creatures
That should die or go away
I say
Put out more food for the birds
Lay some hedges
Give them room to play
Be the change you want to see
Grow some hay
Nature had a plan for us
Her thoughtful chimpanzee
We could get back to the garden
You and her and me.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Song of the gulf of Boni (Bone)

Why do you not know what separates us
When you presume to name me
After your body parts?
To then exist unseen
As if transparency
Means no personality
When…For all your industry
Dirting on my shores
You’re stuck in the shallows
Where mine shape yours
Licking and rinsing you clean
Salty balm for your festering sores
Feeling what you should see
Bone solid is not the only way to be
Still…You bathe in my edges
Because you daren’t
Go all the way down to deepness
Where spiral gyres move and shift
Too much pressure for you
Skin child, rude chimpanzee
Clinging to crusts
When you could be
Symbiont grooming me
Instead …You brand with numbers
“Eighty miles long, thirty wide”
Avoiding the fact I’m the majority
I’m not even a me
We are a body
Planetary blood coursing
Adventure energy resourcing
We are water
Ceaseless sea

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Bike Capital

With straight backs on long legs
bare and free, vrouwen ride this city
Juggling shopping, smartphones
A cup of coffee
one an ironing board
three kids eating ice cream
all pulling assorted dogs on leads
Filling the roadways with cycling scene
No hills but bridges to alter the pace
Proud of its universal welcome
Amsterdam is a smooth place